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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Health. Safety. Security. Environment. These are the pillars we live by at CH2M HILL. From the project sites and offices we work in to our homes and vacation spots, it's important that each of us take care of ourselves, keep an eye out for each other, and respect the world around us.

CH2M HILL reminds you to pay special attention, even when doing seemingly mundane everyday tasks, because health and safety come first. 



2014-2015 Flu Season information from the CDC

Flu seasons are unpredictable in a number of ways. While flu spreads every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season usually varies from one season to another. Be sure to protect yourself and your family. Learn More Here.


CH2M HILL wins Thames Water's health & safety initiative of the year
Zero compromise was the theme of the fifth Thames Water health & safety conference.


Take care of your heart
Heart health is important and there are easy things you can do incorporate in your everyday routine that will help ensure you stay healthy.


The Challenge: Take charge of stress
Stress is a natural response to increasing demands, but it can be managed. Learn about taking charge of your stress levels for better health.

CH2M HILL honored by National Safety Council
We received more than 50 National Safety Council (NSC) awards in 2011 and we're proud the NSC selected CH2M HILL for 2 additional awards before year's end, the Occupational Safety Award of Excellence and the Corporate Culture of Safety Award.

How prepared are you for an emergency?
If a disaster happens in your community, being prepared will help you best respond to a disaster, potentially lessen damages, and make for an easier recovery. Simple preparations, such as having an emergency preparedness kit, making a plan, and being informed, can help if disaster strikes.

USDA simplifies the dietetic recommendations and nutritional guide
USDA unveils a new guide to help Americans select healthier eating and dining choices. Get personalized healthy eating recommendations, create a personalized diet plan, and/or look-up foods on MyFood-a-pedia.

What's the truth about sunscreen?
There's recently been a lot of controversy surrounding sunscreen. Before you and the family head into the sun, get the facts from Dr. Lawrence Gibson, a dermatologist at Mayo Clinic. Read more.

To the rescue
For two CH2M HILL employees on the North Slope of Alaska, April 8 started as a normal workday and ended with a life saving event. Read more.

Celebrating three years without a recordable incident
Congratulations to the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program (STEP) team in Abu Dhabi who is celebrating three years without a recordable injury. Read more.

Frostbite – what you should know
Prolonged exposure to extreme cold can cause damage to skin and other tissues, a condition known as Frostbite (congelatio in medical terminology). Learn the symptoms to watch for, how to avoid onset, and what to do if you get frostbite. Read more.

CH2M HILL shines with safety honors at the National Safety Council's Annual Event
CH2M HILL received 115 National Safety Council (NSC) awards in 9 different categories and was even further recognized at the NSC awards celebration. Read more.

Carbon monoxide is nothing to mess with
It's important to remember that heating equipment and cars  produce carbon monoxide. Learn what you can do to stay healthy and safe. Also, Dick Haapala, an employee of CH2M HILL, shares his personal experience with a carbon monoxide leak and tells how he fixed the problem before it became lethal. Learn more.

Achieving new safety milestones
Congratulations to the employees of CH2M HILL's Transportation Business Group (TBG) who recently achieved a new milestone by surpassing 7 million hours worked without a Lost Time Incident. Learn more

Stay healthy as you age
"35 million Americans are age 65 or older, and in the coming 20 years that number is expected to reach more than 71 million” – make sure you keep yourself and/or your aging loved ones healthy and remember that staying healthy is much more than just physical fitness. Learn more.

World class and industry leading safety results
More than 75 percent of CH2M HILL's Water Business Group (WBG) employees work in the field, outside of an office environment, or surrounded by a variety of hazards and exposures. Despite this, our hardworking WBG employees recently achieved outstanding safety records by reaching 3.9 million consecutive work-hours without a recordable incident and 9 million consecutive work-hours without a restricted time incident. Learn more.




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